Dominika Czerwinska

Dominika Czerwinska is the Director of Membership and Regional Networks, overseeing WorldGBC's global network of Green Building Councils (GBCs) in over 75 countries, with the objective to support the development of these councils including aspects related to governance and business planning.

Her role also extends to supporting the development of WorldGBC’s five Regional Networks - collaborative platforms that serve to connect GBCs around projects and best practice sharing. This includes fundraising, bringing GBCs together around areas of common focus, hiring and onboarding regional staff and working with the WorldGBC’s regions team to develop strong regional platforms that increase WorldGBC’s capacity to serve its members, and its members capacity to scale impact.

Dominika holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree specialising in biology, and a Master of Environmental Studies degree under the Urban Planning Stream from York University, in Toronto, Canada.

Dominika is based in Toronto, Canada.

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