Rose Hendricks

Ph.D. Candidate in Cognitive Science

I'm pursuing a PhD in cognitive science to learn more about the ways that language -- particularly metaphor -- shapes cognition.

One branch of my research focuses on metaphors for time: Do your language's temporal metaphors influence the way you mentally conceive of time? While extensive cross-linguistic work has been done demonstrating that people who speak differently languages do often think about time differently, I work to identify language as a cause -- not just a correlation -- in that process. This has included work with both English and Mandarin Chinese speakers.

I also work to understand metaphors we use for hardships like cancer or depression. I ask how our thinking is shaped when we encounter or use a metaphor like "fighting a battle" against a disease.

Outside the lab, I am committed to improving my own science communication skills and the culture of science communication. I'm especially especially proud of and grateful for the work I've done helping to plan ComSciCon conferences, which focus on improving science communication among graduate students.

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