Susan Gourvenec

Professor, offshore geomechanics

Professor Susan Gourvenec is a specialist of offshore geotechnical engineering with particular interests in foundation, anchoring and pipeline solutions for offshore oil and gas developments.

Prof Gourvenec joined the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems at the University of Western Australia in 2001 from Cambridge University.

Prof Gourvenec’s research employs state-of-the-art physical modelling and numerical analysis to address safe and efficient seabed engineering for the offshore oil and gas sector. Safe seabed engineering will unlock Australia’s deep water offshore oil and gas resources securing a domestic energy future and a lucrative export commodity for the nation.

Prof Gourvenec has been chair and co-editor of the proceedings of international conferences and is co-author of the recent book “Offshore Geotechnical Engineering” and is the author of over 70 international scientific papers. Prof Gourvenec works collaboratively with industry partners through her role as a part-time Principal Engineer with Perth-based specialist geotechnical consultancy Advanced Geomechanics.

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