Paul Chatterton

Paul is the founder and lead of WWF's Landscape Finance Lab, which incubates sustainable landscape solutions in the world's most important locations for biodiversity.  The lab explores innovative ways to harness the power of public and private finance for long term and large scale impact on sustainable development, climate change mitigation and deforestation free trade chains. 
Paul previously held a number of roles in WWF as Director of REDD+ Landscapes, international program leader for WWF-Austria and conservation director in Papua New Guinea.  He has a long track record of developing scalable solutions to address the complex challenges in environment, land use and natural resource production and trade.  His career includes catalysing the first jurisdictional scale forest and climate (REDD+) programs in Africa and Asia, supporting declaration of the longest river protected area in Europe and the largest rainforest protected areas in the Pacific.  Prior to WWF, he directed his own company consulting on sustainable development and stakeholder engagement in the Asia Pacific. 
Paul is a co-author of the Little Sustainable Landscape Book and co-initiator of Landmapp, a mobile app to provide affordable and efficient land tenure in developing countries.  Paul holds a Masters in Anthropology/ Development Studies, an honours degree in English Literature and a diploma of management from IMD in Switzerland. 

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