Noah Kaufman

Noah is an economist for the U.S. Climate Initiative in the Global Climate Program. The focus of his work is on carbon pricing and other market-based climate change solutions. Noah also works on projects related to the economic impacts of climate change and assists WRI’s Economics Team with its work across the organization.

Prior to joining WRI, Noah worked for the Environment Practice at NERA Economic Consulting. He specialized on projects related to the economics of environmental and energy policies, as well as evaluating the impacts to the economy and to the electricity grid of infrastructure investments and energy policies. Noah has published peer-reviewed journal articles on the topics of the social cost of carbon dioxide emissions, the role of risk aversion in environmental policy evaluations, and the design of incentives to support green consumer products and energy-efficiency programs run by electric and gas utilities.

Noah received his BS in economics, cum laude, from Duke University, and his PhD and MS in economics, with a concentration on energy and environmental economics, from the University of Texas at Austin, where his dissertation examined optimal policy responses to climate change.

Noah lives in Washington DC with his lovely wife Kate. He enjoys playing tennis and listening to songs that have one verse sung a cappella.

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