Winner | Asian Digital Media Awards 2020

Saskia Marsh

Saskia Marsh joined Critical Resource in 2013. She has extensive experience of political risk analysis, stakeholder assessment/engagement, and restructuring internal management systems through previous assignments for the extractive industry and as part of her UN career.

Prior to joining Critical Resource Saskia undertook assignments in Morocco and Lebanon on behalf of oil and gas clients and built up the social investment advisory services of a London based corporate finance firm. Before doing her MBA, Saskia worked in conflict zones as the UN’s youngest appointee. Responsibilities ranged from running a youth programme for 250,000 Gazans, restructuring community engagement efforts with 300,000 refugees in Lebanon, acting as the UN negotiator with the Israeli military and ministerial capacity-building in Kosovo. She holds a BSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics and an MBA from IMD Business School.

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