Ger Bergkamp

Ger Bergkamp is the Executive Director of the International Water Association – the international network of water professional with app. 10,000 members in 130 countries. He is a recognized leader in water and environment issues with over 25 years of experience in sustainable development focusing on solutions for world-wide water challenges. He has supported colleagues in over 40 countries world-wide as a director in international organisations, programme coordinator, scientist and as a private consultant. Ger’s experience in water and environmental issues include scientific research, local water management, national water policy and international negotiations. His special areas of expertise include optimizing water resources for human and environmental needs, adaptation to climate change, and management of large scale infrastructure in river basins. Most recently he has focused on urban water management, water – energy optimization and utility management. As a manager, Ger has been instrumental in developing world-wide programmes on water management and building capacity to for local change processes. He is the author of several books and reports and speaks and facilitates regularly at international events focusing on transitions and innovations in water management. In doing so, he helps to create strategic insight and foresight for global water security.

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