Zakri Zulkurnain

Research & Consulting Lead, Malaysia

Zakri is the Research and Consulting Lead, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He has previously worked in the maritime industry as a consultant, where he pushed for sustainable and inclusive project design as well as advocated for a Blue Economy framework. He has also worked in a data science-focused start-up advising on carbon emissions calculation solutions for ships.

He also has previous experience as a public affairs consultant, where he conducted regulatory advocacy and assisted clients to navigate through complex and rapidly changing market and regulatory landscapes.

Zakri graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography from University of Oxford, where he developed a holistic worldview on sustainability. His academic interests were in a wide range of issues, particularly pertaining to political ecology, philosophy of nature, mobility and geographies of finance.

When he’s not working, Zakri spends his time on analog photography and playing music.

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