Darren Liew

Partnerships Consultant

Darren has a decade of experience working in the public sector, ranging from project development, L&OD, events management and strategic planning. He graduated with Honours in International Business Management from the University of Queensland, during which he found his first foray into sustainability after partaking in a climate change forum at the G-20 Brisbane Summit.

Energized by diversity with a knack for networking and collaboration, Darren enjoys meeting new people and understanding their perspectives. As a lifelong learner, he has embarked on the sustainability journey with Eco-Business and plans to be an advocate for change. A strong believer in “No Planet B”, he hopes take the small steps to leave behind a better place for his two kids.

Outside of work, you can find him having intriguing conversations with his four-year old, aquascaping, or crafting Tumi Ishi balancing blocks at the local wood workshops. He also travels for the experiences, and loves listening to other people’s life adventures.

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