Marek Kubik

Dr Marek Kubik works as a strategic advisor for AES, a diverse global energy company headquartered in the US. He advises commercial and business development and provides key strategic insight into energy markets, leveraging electricity market knowledge and analytical input to inform company strategy. Marek remains a Visiting Fellow at Reading University and has an interest in informing policy, having spent time working in Westminster and his current role as RES integration project leader for the Electricity Association of Ireland.

Dr Kubik holds an engineering doctorate and a masters in engineering. His doctoral research focused on the integration of renewables with existing electricity systems. He has published eleven papers to date in leading international journals and conferences and was named TSBE Researcher of the Year in 2013.

Marek continues to co-author publications and has been invited to speak at leading UK institutions about energy, including Cambridge University and Henley Business School. He is a member of the Stormont All Party Group on Science and Technology and represents the energy sector on the Learned Societies and Professional Bodies forum.

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