Amy Leung

Amy S. P. Leung, MBA, MSc, is an urban planner with over 20 years of experience in managing multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary projects in Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the Philippines, and Uzbekistan. She is an expert in urban development, water resources management, project design and monitoring, and public-private partnerships. Formerly the Director for East Asia Department’s Urban and Social Sectors Division for ADB, Ms. Leung now helms the portfolio for urban development and water supply and sanitation as ADB’s Director for Southeast Asia Department's Urban Development and Water Division. Here, she started the “Green Cities Initiative” in Southeast Asia in October 2012 and strategized a clear direction to support client governments in building competitive, green, and inclusive cities. She also chairs the Water Committee within ADB’s Community of Practice, where she leads a group of technical leaders within ADB, providing the overall strategic direction of ADB’s water operations and overseeing the implementation of ADB’s Water Financing Program and the administration of the Water Financing Facility.

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