Stuart Poore

Dr Stuart Poore is currently Director of Corporate Stewardship at WWF-UK, leading the organisation’s interface with the business community across a range of global environmental priorities including timber, seafood, freshwater, food, finance and extractives.

Prior to WWF, he worked as a Sustainability Consultant, specialising in supporting businesses and NGOs with all aspects of Corporate Sustainability strategy and communications. His diverse client portfolio included Virgin Management (designing the Virgin Group Sustainability strategy) and TFT, a global non profit that helps major retailers such as Nestlé and B&Q ensure the responsible sourcing of products.

Previously, Stuart spent 4 years as Director of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Virgin Media where he oversaw the company's management of its social and environmental impact. Under Stuart's leadership, Virgin Media developed a distinctive focus on helping people lead sustainable digital lifestyles and an innovative approach to communication and engagement using digital entertainment. Prior to Virgin, he led Corporate Responsibility at the QinetiQ Group, a leading international defence technology and security company.

He has a doctorate in International Politics and is Chairman of the Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers (GACSO).

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