Firdaus Firlany

Executive producer

Firdaus is the Executive Producer at Eco-Business and is based in Singapore. With over a decade of experience, Firdaus is a seasoned media producer, photographer, videographer, and video editor. He has worked with both global and local brands to produce quality commercial and corporate videos. Firdaus has also had his foray in the world of entertainment when he worked on a regional blockbuster movie as the casting director. He sees himself as a creative problem solver, and is always up for exciting challenges. Firdaus enjoys collaborating with people from across the world as he believes that creativity knows no geopolitical boundaries, and that there's beauty in learning and experiencing different cultures from across the world.

Firdaus advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and often supports causes championing for upward social mobility for marginalised communities.

In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, watching edu-taining content, or binge watching the latest Netflix series. Firdaus holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications & New Media from the National University of Singapore.

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