Founding partner

Hanna Fekete is founding partner of NewClimate Institute. She works on the evaluation and quantification of energy and climate policy impacts, as well as the actions of non-state and subnational actors. She is part of the core team of the Climate Action Tracker, evaluating climate change mitigation commitments and policies. She contributed to the UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2014 and 2015. Further, Hanna Fekete supports the work on the design of carbon market components and Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, with a regional focus on Latin America. Prior to founding NewClimate Institute, Hanna Fekete worked for Ecofys, a leading consultancy in the area of energy and climate policies, where she managed multiple projects related to international climate policies, serving NGOs, foundations, national governments and international organisations. Hanna Fekete has a background in industrial engineering. She has lived, studied and worked in various countries including Germany, the US, Chile and Peru.

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