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Power Trip: Southeast Asia's journey to a low carbon economy
A new ground-breaking study launched by Eco-Business puts a spotlight on Southeast Asia's transition to the low carbon economy and identifies the top challenges for the region as insufficient regulation …
Electric Vehicles in Indonesia: The Road Towards Sustainable Transportation
In the past few years, Indonesia has heavily relied on fossil fuel as the main energy source in all economic sectors, ranging from transportation, power plant, to household.
Strategic Directions in the US Electric Utility Industry Report
Black & Veatch's sixth annual Strategic Directions in the U.S. Electric Utility Industry Report shows that the electric utility industry is starting to change how it operates. Factors ranging from …
Your electric vehicle emits 75 gCO2/km... at the power station
We all know that an electric vehicle has zero tailpipe emissions and the popular counter argument is usually "what about the emissions at the power station"? This Ecometrica paper answers …
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