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Smart Water Roundtable 2016
Against the backdrop of a shake-up in water supply and nascent technologies, how can governments and the water industry bridge the supply-demand gap and deploy systems to meet social needs …
Only 4 per cent of enterprises report reaping benefits from implementation of IoT solutions
Enterprise IoT Business Potential – A lot of big numbers being thrown around, but where are the real opportunities?
A new paradigm for urban mobility: How fleets of shared vehicles can end the car dependency of cities
In cities, mobility plays a particularly central role for ensuring prosperity and social cohesion in a context of high population density and intense economic activity. Yet mobility is also a …
Low-carbon mobility for mega cities: What different policies mean for urban emissions in China and India
The rapid economic development of China and India has gone hand in hand with significant increases in the number of motor vehicles on the streets, notably in vities.
How cities should invest for future economic and environmental vitality
Cities are the driving force behind the global economy - according to McKinsey, just 600 cities are responsible for 60 per cent of the global GDP - and the number …
Autodesk C-FACT methodology arms cities to tackle climate change
Free, openly available tool from Autodesk enables cities to set science-based climate targets. By Emma Stewart, Ph.D., Head of Sustainability Solutions, Autodesk and Daniel Aronson, formerly Research Lead Director, Sustainability …
Cities and Biodiversity Outlook
Global urbanization will have significant implications for biodiversity and ecosystems if current trends continue, with knock-on effects for human health and development, according to a new assessment produced by the …
Measurement for Management: CDP Cities 2012 Global Report
Annual climate change reporting is catching on among cities. CDP hosts disclosure from 73 cities and local governments this year--up from 48 last year--from all corners of the globe, including …
Low-carbon cities in China: Case studies explore the role of building efficiency
As China's service economy grows and nonindustrial buildings proliferate, building efficiency becomes more important to the country's efforts to reduce the growth in its carbon emissions. Concerns over rising energy …
Sustainable Low-Carbon City Development in China
The World Bank published a book titled, “Sustainable Low-Carbon City Development in China,” offering practical lessons to policymakers in China to organize and coordinate sustainable low-carbon urban development. The book suggests a multifaceted approach...
Urban highways offer cities new opportunities for revitalization
If the twentieth century was known for building highways, the twenty-first century may be known for tearing them down. A new report jointly produced by the Institute for Transportation and …
Intelligent Navigation of China's Smart Cities
China's build-out of "smart cities" is significantly smaller than suggested by the hype, but still represents a $153 billion opportunity across 54 projects, mostly in the southern and eastern provinces, …
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