Study says: Trees ‘most effective solution’ for climate change

Study says: Trees ‘most effective solution’ for climate change

Widely covered study released July 5, 2019 is featured on BBC News, CBS News, TIME, and more


TORONTO, July 15th, 2019 – According to a newly published study in the journal Science, planting billions, if not trillions of trees globally could be the single most effective way to fight climate change. The proven ability of trees to capture and absorb carbon dioxide has made them a valuable and relatively cheap tool in the fight against climate change.

According to the authors, the space available for trees is significantly larger than previously thought, and would reduce C02 in the atmosphere by approximately 25 per cent. The team of 8 researchers leveraged direct measurements of forest covers to produce a model for potential forest restoration across the globe, and highlighted the urgent need for action to use global tree restoration as a means to mitigate climate change. The study also details where trees can be planted to have the most impact on carbon emissions.

Ecoforests Asset Management (“Ecoforests”) has long championed this theory and is pleased with the additional evidence to support their ongoing efforts. Since inception, Ecoforests has planted over 5,000 hectares of forestland. As part of its “Impact Investing” mandate, whereby investors can deliver positive environmental and social change while receiving profitable returns, Ecoforests continues to expand their business by planting more trees, while sustainably making a profit.

As part of their ongoing efforts to tackle climate change and leverage forestry to combat environmental and social challenges, Ecoforests invites its investors to continue and increase their efforts, and for those who have not yet participated to join their efforts through proven impact investments.

About EcoForests

EcoForests Asset Management is a Toronto based Canadian forestry investment management company with regional offices in Hong Kong, Israel, USA and UK. Fostering and managing forestry projects throughout the Central and South American regions, EcoForests specialises in producing and maintaining tropical hardwood timber. The tropical timber produced by the company features rapid growth and high economic value giving individuals and companies alike an opportunity of middle to long-term investment where capital is invested in timberlands and forestry with a complete and reliable management system in place.

Ecoforests environmental mandate

Throughout its 15 years of operations, Ecoforests has consistently managed forestland overwhelmingly in the growing stage. With over 5,000 hectares under current management, less than 10 per cent is harvested at one time. 30 per cent of plantations are protected forest areas and protected water wells. Environmentally sustainable forestry practices such as carbon sequestration, rejuvenation of soil minerals, and improving Flora and Fauna are all used in Ecoforests’ operations as a reflection of their deep environmental commitment.

Ecoforests social mandate

Though fostering employment opportunities in rural communities, to offering training and education to partner communities, the positive societal impact of Ecoforests’ operations continues to grow. EcoForests is proud to give back 5% of invested assets to the communities in which they operate. This symbiotic relationship has translated into wide-scale infrastructure improvements, assistance in building schools and playgrounds, and donations of computers and other educational items to local schools. Through employment initiatives, gender equality is paramount and has been an important focus in day-to-day operations.

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