It’s time to approve Non Drug Hemp Foods

Australia will soon approve Non Drug Hemp Foods – like nearly EVERY OTHER COUNTRY in the world!

A decision is expected on if Hemp Foods will be approved for Human Consumption by Dec 2103 after the original application was lodged in 2000 –the LONGEST wait EVER for a new food.


  • Nearly every other country in the world understands the health benefits and allows low THC hemp foods - without getting confused this with its high THC plant cousin.
  • With a plethora of uses, Hemp is one of the oldest crops known to humankind. It can support a new Australian farming industry with production from one plant into plastics, building materials, food, textiles, paper and more!

·  After thorough consideration Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) gave Approval. (A1039 on 8.11.12)  Stating “FSANZ is satisfied that low-THC hemp foods are safe for consumption… {and also} recognises that (it) may provide…many nutrients and polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly omega-3 fatty acids.”

·  At the December 7th 2012 COAG Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation, (FoFR) could only decide AGAIN to defer approval for a year. FoFR has done this at least twice before. Enough deferring. Australia business’ are losing out!

·  FOFr says approval would send a mixed message. However if other countries can figure out the difference between low THC hemp and high THC cannabis without nanny state interference surely Australians can too.

  • Australian Police are confusing the issue by assertions that eating hemp foods could result in false positive drug tests when this is not possible as the THC is eliminated during processing.  See video for more info here.  Food Standards are currently proving this in more scientific studies – having been forced to with Australia’s draconian saliva testing module.
  • As Erik Hunter Director of Research and Development at Hemp Clean- A Colorado non-profit advocating regulation & cultivation of industrial hemp- says, “Nobody has ever failed a drug test from eating hemp foods,” adding that smoking low THC hemp plant leaves, “would be like smoking cabbage.”
  • Approximately 1,000 people have signed a recent Community Run Petition in support of a favourable decision within a matter of a few weeks. Countless thousands more would undoubtedly sign the petition if they knew about this issue via some well deserved mainstream exposure. For more info on the petition click here.
  • At time of press release, the question of allowing hemp as a food in Australia is the winning question for the Ministers to consider in “Our Say”
  • Petition supporter Claire McFee– Mother & Business owner from the Surf Coast, Vic“I was appalled to learn that Australia is so backwards on this issue. Hemp food products should be available at supermarkets like our overseas counterparts have access to. It’s insulting that a government body can block the approval based on unfounded concerns. There is enough worldwide research to clearly show that hemp foods are safe and that the issue of false positive drug test results is ludicrous. 
  • Currently Australians are only able to purchase Hemp Food products to use on their skin with package warnings about its use in Australia. Australian companies are making millions of dollars selling this now, and could make a lot more if the legislation was changed.
  •  Australia’s biggest organic soybean producer Stuart Larsson says there’s huge potential for him and others to have broad acre hemp seed production if the Government legalizes hemp foods. They are just waiting for their tick of approval. It is a high yield/fast growing crop, requiring no fertilizer, no pesticides, no herbicides and no fungicides – just plain rain and sun.
  • Industry Spokesperson Paul Benhaim of Hemp Foods Australia founded the UK hemp industry as the first to create a commercial hemp food product – the ‘9bar’ hempseed snack bar which is now the leading health food product in many supermarkets. Paul wanted to create the same in Australia. ANZFA finally gave approval in 2002, only to be turned down by the then Prime Minister John Howard.

You can reach Paul on 02 6687 1260 | Resource: ABC Landline Program: The Hemp Comback.

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