ST Electronics secures US$21.5M contract in the fast growing smart meter market

ST Electronics, today announced that its subsidiary, Telematics Wireless Ltd (Telematics Wireless), has been awarded a contract worth US$21.5m (about S$29m) by Arad Technologies Ltd (Arad) to supply Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) radio transceivers for Arad’s DIALOG 3G® AMR solutions.  The supply cooperation agreement between Arad and Telematics Wireless takes effect immediately and extends to 2015.  Telematics Wireless is a subsidiary of ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) Pte. Ltd.  ST Electronics is the electronics arm of public-listed, Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd.

Radio transceivers are a key component in smart AMR meters which are used to monitor water, electricity or gas usage.  With the growing trend towards the adoption of smart meters for efficient utility monitoring, it has been estimated that about 500m households globally will be converted to use smart AMR meters in the next ten years.

Arad is a world leader in the supply of smart water meters.  The AMR radio transceivers supplied through this contract will be deployed with Arad’s AMR solutions in various markets such as China, Europe, India and the US.  Together with Arad’s smart management software, the field-proven AMR radio transceivers will provide precise monitoring of all utility vital signs and will alert utility providers to faults, such as leakages.

“The use of smart meters is a growing trend in urbanisation.  As a key player in this technology we are well positioned to participate in the development of the AMR/AMI applications and wireless telemetry markets.  Utility providers will benefit from the use of these transceivers as they have been designed for extremely durable operations.” ~ LEE Fook Sun, President, ST Electronics.

Telematics Wireless AMR radio transceivers are unique as they safely incorporate all electronics, battery and antenna in the meter register without the need for external wires or connections.  The AMR radio transceiver boasts a modular and open architecture design that integrates seamlessly with various deployments such as mobile/drive-by, future fixed based network and Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI).

By adopting cutting edge technologies, Telematics Wireless’ AMR radio transceivers reduce installation and maintenance costs for utility providers.  The miniaturised radio transceivers are able to operate for up to 10 years on an internal battery; providing reliable, accurate meter readings and automatically detect leaks, back-flow and any attempt at tampering.  Today, more than 3 million AMR radio transceivers from Telematics Wireless have been installed worldwide.

This contract is not expected to have any material impact on the consolidated net tangible assets per share and earnings per share of ST Engineering for the current financial year.

* Note: Pike Research’s report, “Smart Meters” examines global and regional Smart Meter trends and can be found at


Arad, a subsidiary of the Arad Group, is an acknowledged leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of wireless automatic meter reading systems worldwide. The company’s award-winning Web-based Dialog 3GTM system has set the industry standard for wireless, automatic meter reading and data networks. Arad offers fully implemented, comprehensive remote meter reading solutions for walk-by, drive-by, and fix base systems that require no physical access or visual inspection of the meters. Its scope of services includes hardware, applications, installation, high level tech-support, and system compatibility with state-of-the-art electronic technologies, along with upgrade and custom design capabilities. The Arad Group is a world leader in the manufacturing of water meters. Please visit

ST Electronics delivers innovative system solutions to government, commercial, defence, and industrial customers worldwide.  With a presence in more than 30 cities in 20 countries, ST Electronics markets its solutions to more than 100 countries internationally.  It specialises in the design, development and integration of advanced electronics and communications systems, such as broadband radio frequency and satellite communication, e-Government solutions, information communications technologies and IT, rail and traffic management, real-time command and control, modelling and simulation, interactive digital media, intelligent building management and information security.  Please visit

Media Contact:

Magdalen Loh
AVP/Head, Corporate Communications
ST Electronics
Tel:      (65) 6413 1788
Fax:     (65) 6484 8840

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