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What does battling climate change look like?

Olam International and Eco-Business are searching for photos that shine a light on the most innovative climate solutions from around the world.

Global agri-business Olam International and Eco-Business have launched Re-imagining a Brighter Future, a global competition looking for inspiring photographs that show how people are fighting or adapting to climate change.

Between now and 15 September, amateur and professional photographers alike are welcome to submit their best photographs under two categories: the Open Category, open to people of all ages and backgrounds, and the Youth Category, for those aged 25 and under. 

The winner of the Open Category will win a five-day hosted trip to either Africa or Asia to visit Olam International’s climate-smart agricultural programmes and meet smallholder farmers, while the photographer with the winning entry in the Youth Category will receive a GoPro camera worth $400.

Judges for the competition include National Geographic 2017 Nature Photographer of the Year, Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan, Olam International co-founder and group chief executive officer Sunny Verghese, and Eco-Business managing editor Jessica Cheam.

Submissions can touch on any sector or aspect of people’s lives, including housing, energy, transportation or consumption, as long as they showcase innovative climate solutions.  

Photographers have played a huge role in calling attention to the climate crisis through distressing images of stranded polar bears, bleached coral and smog-encased cities to highlight the urgency of action.

However, the Re-imagining a Brighter Future photo challenge is focusing on the solutions to these problems to motivate the public to act on climate change.

“It is our mission to find those powerful images that inspire the viewer to back and adopt the solutions depicted, igniting momentum towards climate action at scale,” said Chris Brown, vice president for corporate responsibility & sustainability at Olam.

The challenge will identify images that elicit a desire to challenge the status quo, to re-imagine one’s own role in the solution, and ultimately inspire action that can turn the tide on climate change, said Eco-Business’ Cheam.

“We want to engage our community with powerful images that inspire them to think about how we are all empowered to act,” Cheam added.

Re-imagining a Brighter Future is part of Eco-Business’ Changing Course campaign to inspire climate, which kicked off earlier this year with a video and photography exhibition.

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