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Volkswagen’s Ultralight Hybrid XL1 unveiled in Korea

The ultralight Hybrid Model automobile XL1, which runs up to 111.1 km on only 1 litre of diesel fuel, has been introduced to the Korean market by Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Korea unveiled on February 10 in a showcase event located in Seoul’s Gwanghwamun the latest Diesel Plugin Hybrid automobile. The XL1 is equipped with a 2-cylinder 48 horsepower engine and a 27 horsepower electric motor, and is made using a fine carbon fibre material.  

The weight of the ultra-light automobile is only 795kg. 

As it can be charged from the exterior of the car using an electrical battery charger, the XL1 can run 50 km in so-called 100 per cent electrical operation mode.  With 1 litre of diesel fuel added, it can run a maximum of 111.1km. 

250 units of the limited edition XL1 are reportedly to be sold in Europe this year.

In the domestic market, test trials and showcases will be conducted, with a tour that passes through nine cities until February 16 including Seoul, Incheon, Daegu, Busan, Gwanju, and Jeju. 

Volkswagen Korea will also host a Facebook-sponsored event and give out gifts such as mobile coupons and XL1 replica models.

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