Geothermal potential in Dua Sudara and Airmadidi, North Sulawesi

The energy and mineral resources office of North Sulawesi province is examining two areas - Dua Sudara and Airmadidi in Minahasa Utara district - for their geothermal potential.

“We have already requested the government, particularly the geological agency, to carry out a preliminary investigation of these two regions,” said Marly Gumalag, the head of general mining division of the energy and mineral resources office of North Sulawesi province, here on Monday.

Marly stated a preliminary investigation was necessary to ascertain before auction whether the proposed location had the necessary geothermal potential.

“There is no certainty yet about the geothermal potential of either region. Hopefully it is good and the locations can be developed,” she added.

A common feature of both the locations is the presence of hot springs.

However, the surface temperature of these springs needs to be investigated further. If the temperature on the surface reaches 90 degrees Celsius, the location is likely to be appropriate for geothermal energy development.

“If the preliminary investigation report shows the two locations are feasible to be developed, this report will be a reference for the investor during the auction process,” Marly noted.

North Sulawesi province is rich in geothermal potential. Minahasa and Tomohon districts are already developed, while exploration is under way in Bolaang Mongondouw district.

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