Sustainability Strategy, Stakeholder Engagement and Communications MasterClass

What are your dreams and aspirations? Research has revealed that our common human aspirations are now being threatened by anxieties and systemic barriers which in turn are negatively affecting employee and consumer priorities and transforming their expectations of and relationships with brands.

Whether it’s pollution, extreme poverty, income inequality, corruption, human right abuses or the ever increasing impacts of climate change - people are making the connection between corporate actions, the quality of their lives and the success of their communities - providing new challenges and opportunities for brand leadership.

Last year net trust in global companies to act in the best interest of society was negative. And while two-thirds (65 per cent) of consumers want to support companies with a strong purpose, less than half (45 per cent) can name a single company that makes “a positive difference in society through its products services and operations.”

As consumers try to meet their own needs and hopes for the world around them, they are feeling less empowered to influence corporate behavior and more challenged in making their aspirations a reality. According to GlobeScan, for the first time since 2009, more consumers say they have punished companies for their behavior (28 per cent) rather than rewarded them (26 per cent), and the number of those who are punishing brands is up by 9 per cent since 2013.

So how can your brand lead in the context of these dynamic tensions to connect more deeply and authentically to employee and consumers needs and desires? How might understanding their anxieties and aspirations unlock more meaningful relationships, loyalty and participation?

And if your brand is already taking a stand and showing leadership be it through carbon neutrality, having your products certified, investing in your community etc - are you reaping adequate rewards for your efforts?

MOSS CEO Anne-Maree McInerney was fortunate to be part of a global team that helped to develop the 9 Global Principles of How to Communicate Sustainability for leading multinationals, the EU Commission, UNFCCC, OECD, Rio 20+ and the World Economic Forum - and is about to run a two day MasterClass in Sydney around these 9 universal principles. She will also share other key trends to help organisations build more meaningful relationships, loyalty and participation in your sustainability programs - that will not only allow you to fulfil your personal and professional goals, they can also help your organization take leaps and bounds in terms of corporate aspirations - saving valuable time, money and resources whilst building trust, resilience and reputation.

This is a very rare opportunity that is guaranteed to embolden, inspire and challenge the way to think about communicating sustainability, as well as give you the practical tools you need to make your organisation or brand a force for positive change in the world - so don’t hesitate - book your ticket today as seats are strictly limited.

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Anne-Maree McInerney
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