IPRS Lunchtalk: Sustainability is described as the “Megatrend of the 21st Century”. Are you on board?

How green is your business? Are you able to build on your strengths with green and sustainable products and services to get greater attention in the marketplace and in the media?

IPRS is bringing together three acknowledged experts in the field of sustainability and the greening of business, particularly from the standpoint of corporate communication and media.

A panel discussion will be chaired by sustainability consultant and PR guru Ken Hickson, with Straits Times’ Jessica Cheam, CDL’s Esther An and Halcyon’s Howard Shaw.

The Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS), established in 1970 as a non-profit organisation, is the only accrediting body for public relations practitioners. The Institute’s objective is to establish growth for Singapore¹s PR industry through knowledge acquisition, networking, and exchanging of new ideas. The Institute continually strives to be the leading regional PR organisation that will not only project the profession but also set industry standards and increase public recognition of this profession.

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