16th Bioplastics Market

16th Bioplastics Market

Technological Innovations, Regulatory Policy & Sustainability Focus to Drive Bioplastics Growth

While the industries and governments globally hold promises to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and traditional plastics, yet both parties are cautiously optimistic about the idea of switching from conventional plastics to bioplastics. Bioplastics can be derived from renewable resources like plants, which reduces reliance on fossil fuels for plastic production and some bioplastics are biodegradable.

However, challenges exist. Large-scale bioplastic production can rely on crops like corn starch or sugarcane, which raises concerns about land use changes and competition with food sources. Furthermore, not all bioplastics are created equal. Some require significantly more energy for production, thus negating their potential environmental benefits. Also, proper biodegradation of these bioplastics often requires specific industrial composting facilities that might not be universally available.

Despite these challenges, opportunities abound. Advancements in bioplastic technology are leading to materials with improved functionality, making them more attractive replacements for traditional plastics. The key lies in addressing concerns about feedstock sustainability and ensuring proper end-of-life management for bioplastics. By navigating these challenges and fostering innovation, bioplastics can be a powerful tool for reducing carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable future.

Join us at our 16th Bioplastics Market conference in Bangkok, Thailand on 17-18th October 2024 to participate in fruitful debates and engaging presentations from industry experts globally.

Key highlights:

  • Compostable and bioplastics market outlook, trends, and drivers
  • Regulatory landscape in Asia and impact of EU’s Packaging Waste Directives on bioplastics
  • Sustainable feedstocks supply & bioplastics projects update
  • Waste management & circularity issues
  • Brand owners’ carbon emissions reduction targets and the shift/experience towards bioplastics utilization
  • How can we overcome the price dilemma to increase the use of sustainable materials?
  • Latest innovations, technology advancement & applications

And many more.

The conference will share a half-day session with 2nd Sustainable Feedstocks for the Future of Chemicals & Plastics Asia conference which will take place on 16-17 Oct 2024. More details of that conference can be viewed here: https://www.cmtevents.com/main.aspx?ev=241023&pu=305172

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Ummu Hani
[javascript protected email address]

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