Publication on “When do Private Standards Work for you”

When do Private Standards Work for You?

This publication aims to understand under which circumstances the application of standards can be an effective tool to foster sustainable development. It reviews some of the main results of the first three parts and incorporates additional research that specifically addresses the question of when and how standards work best for producers. This paper also describes why the application of standards is more viable for certain producers and why adoption is still concentrated on certain products.

About Standards Map

Standards Map – – is an interactive online database which presents comprehensive and comparable information on voluntary sustainability standards, private standards, sustainability schemes and retailer codes of conduct, with the aim to strengthen the capacity of producers, exporters and buyers to participate in more sustainable production and trade.

Standards Map references information on over 70 standards operating in more than 200 countries and certifying products and services in over 60 economic sectors. Through an intuitive and user-friendly search process, users can review and compare standards across common themes and criteria. Standards Map also includes additional reference material to increase awareness and knowledge of standards, including quick fact sheets for each of the standards referenced and links to over 250 academic studies, dissertations and research papers.

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