, online travel agency in Romania which offsets emissions,the largest online travel agency in Romania, has signed a three-year agreement with ALLCOT to measure its carbon footprint and offset its annual emissions.

The carbon emissions generated by Paravion’s 50 employees were largely caused by office energy use and unavoidable business travel.

The emission reductions chosen to offset Paravion’s greenhouse gas emissions will come from an internationally recognized carbon project that has been independently verified to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

“We are very pleased that Paravion Tour Romania has reached this importantagreement with ALLCOT to calculate and offset our carbon emissions. We take climate change seriously and want to demonstrate our actions as part of our commitment to fighting climate change and taking care of the environment.

Our intention is to offer our clients CO2 zero flights and accommodation via an online system that will calculate and offset the carbon footprint for all flights and hotel stays. We want to extend our partnership with ALLCOT in the other countries where Paravion operates, such as Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Turkey and the UK”, Remus Visan, Managing Director of PARAVION.

The carbon footprint and offset program has been implemented in Romania with the help of CARBON EXPERT, an official ALLCOT partner for Eastern Europe. ALLCOT offers sustainability solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Last year, CARBON EXPERT committed Orhideea Residence & Spa apart-hotel to become carbon neutral.

Orhideea Residence & Spa manager, Dragos Penca, declared:“Since our agreement with ALLCOT and CARBON EXPERTa few months ago, we have seen our hotel occupancy rate increase with clients choosing our hotel for our eco-friendly practices. We are determined to make sustainability part of our long-term strategy and promote Orhideea Residence & Spa among the few green hotels in Europe.”

“I am glad that and Orhideea Residence & Spa have chosen to act responsibly to offset their emissions and their clients react promptly to their innovative actions, and I am confident that other responsible hotels and companies from Romania will follow”, says CasianaFometescu, CARBON EXPERT.

“ALLCOT is delighted to be partnering with Paravion Tour Romania on their sustainability journey that is targeting zero emissions with reduced operational costs. Travel and tourism are key sectors of the growing sustainability market, in which Paravion has chosen to be climate leaders.’’ Grattan MacGiffin, Chief Commercial Officer, ALLCOT AG


PARAVION is the largest online travel agency in Romania. It has operations in various Eastern Europe markets and Turkey, providing services such as flight reservations, holidays, car rental and hotel booking. The website benefits from a 24 hour call centre and security solutions developed by PayU. In 2013, launched a mobile app powered by Vodafone that allows users to book and pay for their flights directly through their mobile phone.


ALLCOT is a company specializing in end to end sustainability solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We develop, manage and trade in all sectors related with climate mitigation. For more information on how you can become sustainable, contact Grattan MacGiffin .

About Carbon Expert:

CARBON EXPERT is an independent consultant for CO2 emissions markets in Eastern Europe, and the international voluntary carbon markets. CARBON EXPERT is an official partner of ALLCOT Group, representing ALLCOT’s services in Eastern Europe. For more information about Carbon Expert, contact Casiana Fometescu .

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