MHG funds global trek to raise awareness about plastic pollution and alternatives

Today, CEO of MHG, Paul A. Pereira announced the company is sponsoring an expedition to raise awareness regarding plastic pollution on a global scale. On September 2nd, the “From Florence to Singapore” expedition began in Florence, and they will travel through thirty countries and complete the trek in Singapore, mid-December of 2015.

During the trip, travelers Cesare Poccianti and Michele Sabatini will converse with local organizations to understand how plastic plays a role in the everyday lives of people. Throughout the excursion, they will discuss with representatives the impact that petroleum-based plastics have on the environment after disposal, as well as record plastic pollution they see along the coastal, desert, mountainous and jungle terrains.

“MHG is more than just a manufacturer of one hundred percent biodegradable plastic; it is a company that cares about the environment and everything in it,” stated Pereira. “There are many countries that do not have effective recycling programs in place, which has led to an exorbitant amount of misplaced plastic in the environment. This trip will provide us with valuable insight regarding how these countries are currently combatting this global epidemic, as well as raise awareness about other alternatives that we can provide.”

MHG has recently become the World’s largest producer of PHA, with the startup of the first commercial scale fermenter at their facility. Several other fermenters are in the process of being installed, which will further add to their production. MHG’s PHA is certified by Vinçotte to biodegrade in freshwater, salt water and soil within a year after end use. Additionally, it is certified by the FDA for Food Substance Contact.

MHG’s PHA is currently being used to create several products on the market including gourmet coffee maker, San Francisco Bay’s coffee pods, and the only biodegradable fishing lures in the world, which are produced by Rat-L-Trap.

For more information about MHG’s products and services, email us, call 229-243-7075, or visit, where you will find comprehensive information about what we do. Also be sure to check out MomsForMHG, and to follow MHG on Facebook; Instagram; Linkedin; Twitter; YouTube; and Google+.

About MHG:

Meredian Holdings Group, Inc., also known as MHG, is the holding company of Meredian Inc., a recognized world leader in the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) and DaniMer Scientific, L.L.C., a specialist in the customization of biopolymer formulations that combine PHA, PLA and other biopolymers through a proprietary reactive extrusion process. Supported by a world-class group of dedicated, highly skilled team members, MHG offers a comprehensive selection of biopolymers that support the company’s core values of utilizing sustainable and renewable bioplastics to improve people’s lives at work and home. MHG and its subsidiaries currently own more than 125 patents across nearly 20 countries. MHG is headquartered in Bainbridge, Ga.


Denise Bilbow, 850-878-5433

Source: MHG

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