Green Koncepts introduces ChillerView & RightLUX Street Lighting

Green Koncepts introduces ChillerView & RightLUX street lighting & Announces new value added resellers. Innovative solutions on Koncepts energy management platform that optimizes chiller plant efficiency & reduces lighting energy costs

 – Green Koncepts, today announced ChillerView – a real time cloud chiller plant analytics and diagnostics module and RightLUX Street Lighting – an intelligent street lighting system at BEX Asia 2013.

ChillerView and RightLUX Street Lighting are modules within Koncepts Energy Management, a Real Time Cloud Energy Management platform that provides advance Energy Analytics, Visualizations and Intelligent Controls to help businesses make proactive decisions to reduce energy usage.


ChillerView is a real time analytics and diagnostics module that provides in-depth energy intelligence for chiller plants. One of the key features of ChillerView is its ability to provide centralized monitoring of multiple chiller plants from different buildings anywhere in the world. This feature will enable property owners and operators to centrally manage and optimize chiller plant performance without having to deploy costly labour at each building. This is expected to increase productivity by up to 50% while reducing energy consumption by up to 30%.

“With ChillerView, building owners can now perform real time continuous energy audits on their chiller plants, allowing them to tune their plants and keep them operating in optimum condition 365 days a year. The powerful visualizations and reports can be used for Green Mark measurement and verification and submission to BCA or any other regulatory authority. This automates the whole process and increases productivity while reducing energy consumption,” said Kenneth Lee, CEO, Green Koncepts.

ChillerView can be connected to any existing building BMS or EMS through open protocols such as Bacnet, LON or Modbus. Future versions will enable central control through local BMS or EMS systems installed in buildings.

RightLUX Street Lighting

RightLUX Street Lighting is an intelligent lighting solution that enables urban planners, town councils, park managers and facility managers to configure and control public lighting centrally. Through a Web or Mobile interface and the integration of Google Maps or SLA’s Onemap, users can easily navigate and quickly locate public lighting areas to control or configure them centrally. Control functions include On/Off, dimming, grouping and includes powerful features for real time scheduling, fault reporting and real time Email and/or SMS alerts as well as the tracking of lamp burning hours help to improve service levels and drive productivity improvements.

RightLUX Street Lighting is available with mesh Powerline Communication (PLC) networking or Mesh Radio Frequency (RF) networks. The use of PLC or RF Mesh technology replaces the need to run physical cables and thus reduces cost, labour and disruption to the public and allows the adoption of intelligent street lighting solutions without disruptive cabling.

Value Added Resellers

Green Koncepts announces four new Value Added Resellers in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. These new partnerships will bring Koncepts Energy Management to these countries and help businesses and buildings reduce their energy consumption.

The four new partners are Tegma Asia, a provider of customized and integrated energy management solutions, and GreenNetz, a green engineering solutions provider specializing in chiller plant efficiency, building energy & lighting management from Singapore. EGreen, an intelligent energy solutions provider that helps customers to optimize their energy efficiency from Malaysia and International Energy Solutions (IES), an energy management solutions provider from Vietnam.

About Green Koncepts

Founded in 2008, Green Koncepts is a pioneer in Cloud Energy Management. By empowering you with Real Time Energy Intelligence & Intelligent Controls, our solutions help you make informed decisions to optimize energy. We create innovative technologies that are simple to use and cost effective to adopt, impacting occupants in living and work spaces and driving sustainability in the urban environment. By looking towards the future, we give you a competitive head start.

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