Conchubar capital management raises funds of US$100 million

Conchubar Capital Management (CCM) announced today that it has successfully raised funds of US$100 million for the Conchubar Infrastructure Fund. CCM will invest globally in emerging market companies focusing on long-term upstream infrastructure with a strong development/industrial policy link (upstream chemical production, energy generation and agribusiness).

CCM expects that a significant portion of its investment will be in Asian economies where sustained long-term growth has been coupled with such strong government industrial policy link supporting the basic infrastructure behind the growth.

“Despite the difficult climate for fund raising generally, the success of the capital raising reflects the continuing strength of value creation premises underlying such foundational opportunities and the central role of aligning with industrial policy objectives for such direction” said William Byun, Principal of CCM. He further noted that “given the extensive current opportunities in the sector and the attractive returns for such projects, the majority of the capital is expected to be deployed with the next few months.”

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