‘Changing the world from the kitchen’: innovation, sustainability to change the world

‘Changing the world from the kitchen’: innovation, sustainability to change the world

The new generations demand a more sustainable world, a more humane way of life. This is how Cosentino has understood it, which has completely transformed Silestone® thanks to the development of its exclusive HybriQ® and HybriQ+® technologies.

Just as it revolutionised the space of the kitchen with its commitment to colour, design and unparalleled performance more than 30 years ago, the brand is now leading the way towards sustainability in the space that has become the epicentre of our homes.

Under this approach, and with the authority of being the world’s leading brand of kitchen countertops and surfaces for three decades, Silestone® by Cosentino is launching its most relevant campaign in recent years. Debuting in 21 countries simultaneously, “Changing The World From The Kitchen” celebrates how the brand has evolved through industry-leading sustainability innovations and marks the first dedicated campaign since its rebranding in 2021.

With the example of HybriQ® and HybriQ+®, a tangible combination of innovation and sustainability, the global brand calls for a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and humanistic world for all of us. The campaign puts forward the vision that the next revolution to change the world can originate from the kitchen.

A disruptive innovation, a “spark” like HybriQ® to generate a movement for change that must be common and shared. Being aware and committed, starting in our homes with small changes that, together, generate a great revolution.

“With HybriQ+® we are once again leading our sector and leading by example. We do something better and different, with the aspiration that it can become the norm. This commitment to sustainability now allows us to send a message of transformation to our clients, collaborators, specifiers and, of course, to end-users. A change to build the world we want, to provide solutions to the future issues, and that has its epicentre in the kitchen space”, says Damián Granados, VP of Global Marketing of Cosentino Group.

“Changing The World From The Kitchen” arrives in a digital campaign that includes three versions spot (59”, 40” y 30”), and will be distributed and localised in 21 countries, resulting in a total of 385 pieces including all formats. The campaign will be concentrated mainly on social media, with focus on Instagram, although in some countries it will be broadcast on TV. The spot has been created and developed jointly by the Cosentino marketing team, Wünderman-Thompson agency and Fight Films producer, and directed by Ida Cuéllar.

HybriQ+®, a new standard for the global industry

The innovative technology HybriQ+® marks an entirely new product composition and manufacturing method for Silestone® - with a newly debuted sustainable manufacturing process that uses 99 per cent reused water, 100 per cent renewable electric energy, zero water waste and a minimum of 20 per cent recycled raw materials. 

With HybriQ+®, sustainability coexists with the unique beauty and unrivalled properties of Silestone® that have always characterised the brand. The new Silestone® maintains all the properties and certifications in terms of resistance, performance and hygiene, while increasing its aesthetic possibilities thanks to the selection of premium minerals, and the incorporation of recycled materials in its composition.

To explore Silestone®’s new campaign, visit https://www.cosentino.com/silestone/hybriq-technology/

About Silestone® by Cosentino

Silestone® by Cosentino is the leading global hybrid mineral surface for the world of architecture and design. With more than 30 years at the forefront of the market, Silestone® offers unique technical and design characteristics, such as high resistance and hardness, easy daily maintenance, high colour consistency and unparalleled beauty.

Over the past few years, Cosentino has developed the innovative and exclusive N-Boost and HybriQ – HybriQ+ technologies. The use of these technologies has meant a qualitative leap in the evolution of Silestone® in terms of functionality, quality, beauty and sustainability. Silestone® consists of a hybrid formulation of mineral raw materials, such as quartz, and materials of a recycled origin. Cosentino’s production process is an environmental success story, since it is carried out using 99 per cent recycled water and 100 per cent renewable energy, as well as reused raw materials.

The aesthetic and design possibilities of Silestone® are limitless for architecture and design professionals: it is available in over 80 colours and a wide range of textures and formats. It is a perfect surface for a large number of applications in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as laboratories, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other professional spaces. 

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