Bisagni Environmental Enterprise named LEED Proven Provider by Green Building Certification Institute

Kent Zaitlik

Manager, Business Development & Project Delivery

BEE - Bisagni Environmental Enterprise announced that the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) has designated them a LEED® Proven Provider™ for the Interior Design and Construction rating system family. This designation was developed to streamline the LEED project review process for experienced organizations that demonstrate consistent excellence in administering LEED projects.

“Quality is at the core of the LEED certification process, and BEE has exhibited expertise in helping to bring healthy, high-performing buildings to the market,” said Doug Gatlin, vice president of program delivery, USGBC and GBCI. “The LEED Proven Provider model represents a great partnership between BEE and GBCI, because it allows GBCI to maintain a rigorous certification program and gives BEE the opportunity to deliver LEED projects to its clients faster.”

Alessandro Bisagni, Founder & Managing Director of BEE, views this achievement as a stepping stone towards furthering environmental stewardship; ushering in a new chapter in the progression of LEED and sustainability. “We are honored to have been chosen for this achievement; we have worked closely with the USGBC for several years in furthering the progress of LEED and establishing sustainable projects throughout the Asia Pacific and the world,” says Mr. Bisagni.

“We are proud to have witnessed the evolution of the USGBC and the considerable influence they have established in the years since their inception. We look forward to growing with the USGBC and realizing a greater impact on the world.”

LEED Proven Provider is designed to encourage and reward high-quality LEED project submissions to minimize the need for additional work during the project review process. It represents an opportunity for BEE and LEED reviewers to work together to enhance the LEED certification experience, simultaneously allowing BEE to further invest in quality control and continuous improvement and allowing LEED reviewers more opportunities for direct engagement with and support for project teams.

Recently certified LEED projects from BEE include:

  • Chanel Times Square, LEED Silver – Retail CI Certification, Hong Kong S.A.R.
  • Starbucks Shanghai Expo Store, LEED Gold – CI Certification, Shanghai, China
  • Gucci Tianjin Galaxy, LEED Platinum – Retail CI Certification, Tianjin, China

Organizations that demonstrate and maintain high-quality project submissions through LEED Proven Provider receive significant benefits, such as greater access to a LEED reviewer and recognition from USGBC for their sustained track record of high-quality project submissions. Only a select group of organizations are allowed into the Program and even fewer finally achieve the designation; following an in-depth audit by the GBCI of the organization’s LEED submittals.

About BEE

BEE - Bisagni Environmental Enterprise is a sustainability consulting and green materials procurement company based in Shanghai and Hong Kong that helps projects all over the world achieve their sustainability targets in an efficient and cost-effective manner.The ultimate mission is to offer sustainability services that greatly improve a project’s social, environmental, and economic impact - thus making the venture a quality investment.

BEE was born out of the realization that a large knowledge gap exists between engineering and design teams introducing sustainable solutions and the construction teams in charge of bringing these solutions to life.

Company services are divided as follows:

Sustainable Building Consulting: qualified teams can take care of all, or part of, the work necessary to carry out a LEED project under any of the certification systems – including project application, credit documentation, computer BIM modeling, energy calculations, and final submission.

Procurement Services: the focus is on identifying the most optimal sustainable solutions for a specific project, locating a local supplier for these, conducting a full company evaluation and product QC, and procuring the solutions on time and on budget.

BEE aims to bring together the design and engineering know-how with construction expertise and materials specialization to provide the missing link that enables a project to truly achieve its sustainability goals. The trading and consulting departments work together to achieve this commitment with quality service and professionalism. The added value is the green building knowledge that BEE brings to the project and the advice provided by the team towards realizing effective results. This is what BEE vows to deliver to clients.

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