Shipping making steady progress towards sustainability

The Sustainable Shipping Initiative highlights key areas of positive development within the shipping industry, as well as the challenges to come, as it launches its Progress Report to the end of 2015.

The Sustainable Shipping Initiative (“SSI”) – a pioneering coalition of companies from across the global shipping industry – recently launched its Progress Report to 2015, which highlights the positive developments that are being made to drive shipping’s sustainability, as well as the significant challenges that lie ahead. 

The Progress Report details the key achievements, as well as the significant body of work that has been conducted by SSI members to actively engage with, drive debate and inspire change within shipping. 

This is in conjunction to a number of key initiatives that have been led, and implemented by SSI members to deliver tangible solutions to make shipping a more sustainable and prosperous industry by 2040.  

In particular, the report highlights the developments in the SSI’s key work streams, where members have worked collectively across the core areas that serve to advance SSI’s Vision.  This includes:

  • The development and use of clean technologies, and facilitating access to finance for their implementation through the SSI’s innovative Save as you Sail (SAYS) financial concept, which demonstrates how charterers, owners and financiers can model return on investment and profits from more efficient vessels
  • Facilitating action and debate with key industry stakeholders to address the challenges of responsible ship recycling
  • Improving the transparent exchange of information to educate and drive better decision-making through the launch of a knowledge sharing platform on the future of shipping through the Futures Centre
  • Conducting research and analysing attitudes to life at sea, and what can be done to make shipping a more attractive place to work and develop a career
  • The development of a Roadmap – to be launched in Q1 2016 – a ‘live’ tool that sets out the key milestones and critical areas that must be addressed to chart a path to success by 2040.

SSI members have also recently signed up to a set of Shared Commitments to underscore their individual dedication to sustainability.  This creates a clear benchmark for demonstrable sustainable practice, as well as providing greater collective transparency and accountability to drive improvement within the membership group.

“Our second Progress Report shows the real developments that the SSI and its members are making, and the positive work that is being conducted among members and with many stakeholders in the shipping industry, said Alastair Fischbacher, CEO, the Sustainable Shipping Initiative.

“The Progress Report demonstrates the real value of being a member of SSI.  It highlights the sense of purpose and pride that comes from our members in positively contributing to our cause, by working on the front line, investing time, knowledge and expertise to pioneer new initiatives and progressive ways of thinking in order to create a more sustainable and profitable shipping industry.”

While positive developments have been made, the Progress Report also acknowledges the significant challenges that lie ahead in the short-term.  Specifically, the requirement for a strong regulatory framework designed and implemented by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) that supports the reduction of CO2 emissions, and delivery of the UNFCCC’s target of less than two degrees warming, as agreed at the recent COP 21 meeting. 

It also shows the need for continued improvements in energy efficiency standards, as well as driving further debate and change in relation to ocean governance and the sustainable and equitable use of ocean resources.

Alsastair Fischbacher concluded: “There is no room for complacency, and we must be under no illusion of the significant challenges that lie ahead. But we have shown that when organisations within the industry come together to make a difference and drive more sustainable behaviours great things can be achieved.

We will continue with this mission, and welcome organisations from all elements of the shipping supply chain to join with us and work to deliver a sustainable industry. An industry which continues to play a critial role in driving the global economy, and in which future generations can thrive.”

The full report can be read here:

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