200 businesses, cities, states and regions commit to full decarbonisation

CDP and The Climate Group released a new report identifying 200 companies, states, regions, and cities that have committed to full de-carbonization.

Unlocking ambition: Top corporate and sub-national climate commitments, is the third in a series of reports tracking the ambitious climate commitments made by “non-state” actors (i.e. non-national governments), in the lead up to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 21) currently taking place in Paris.


  • 87 companies have set goals to reduce their GHG emissions by 80-100 per cent, or to procure 100 per cent of their power from renewable sources, including Google (US), Infosys (India) and Broad Group (China), and
  • 23 states and regions and 90 cities, including California and Basque Country, and Yokohama and Vancouver, have declared similar goals that will strategically position their communities and economies for low-carbon growth and prosperity.

Evan Juska, Head of Policy for The Climate Group, North America said: “What surprised us was the diversity of companies and sub-national governments making ambitious climate commitments. They differ in location, size, energy use, and ideology. But they share a belief that reducing emissions makes sense for both customers and constituents.”

Turning to COP21

Among the many thousands of commitments that have been recorded in the UNFCCC’s Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA),[1] the GHG reduction targets of these companies, states, regions and cities are arguably the most impactful because they tackle the challenge of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Similarly, the commitments to use only renewable power immediately create real and sizable demand for cleaner energy.  This will stimulate investments in new technologies, and influence policies to embed renewable power in our energy future.

Lance Pierce, President, CDP North America said: “Managing environmental risk is fundamental to a company’s or city’s competitive advantage. Consumer and investor demand for bold climate action is rapidly rising, and those who lag behind risk losing market share. The achievements of the companies, cities, states and regions in this report, with their impressive targets on GHG reduction and renewable energy, encourage hope for a vigorous yet sustainable low carbon future.”

The report is offered to all leaders who are attending COP21 and are seeking examples of how climate ambition can be unlocked.

Read the report here.

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