Japanese chain restaurants embrace sustainable practices

Japanese chain restaurants embrace sustainable practices

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, it’s clear we all have our part to play in building a sustainable future. There are actions individuals can take every day to reduce our carbon footprint and things businesses can do every day, on a larger scale, to bring about positive environmental impact.

Maxim’s Group’s Japanese Chain Restaurants (JCR) division has been growing in the Hong Kong market for decades and has witnessed the ongoing evolution of authentic dining culture as a leader in the Hong Kong food and beverage industry.

JCR manages well-known Japanese restaurants such as Genki Sushi and sen-ryo in Hong Kong with footprints in Southeast Asia. As a leading restaurant chain, we strive to fulfil our corporate social responsibility to pursue sustainable development solutions through innovations, supporting the local economy and community, and education to create a better tomorrow.

At JCR, we have a vision of helping create a sustainable world. From the ingredients our restaurants source to the initiatives we take, sustainability is always at the forefront of our actions. We firmly believe it is our actions that define the kind of world we will create for future generations. Together we want to work to help establish a sustainable future.

Putting vision into actions

JCR has taken additional initiatives to the ones we take every day to promote sustainable development and enhance environmental awareness. In response to this year’s World Earth Day theme, “Invest in Our Planet,” we launched the “Be Green, Live Green” campaign in April, in which JCR brands provided a wide range of “Green Choice” menu items to give customers more diverse green dining options. The campaign makes it simple for diners to embrace a green lifestyle daily. Diners are encouraged to eat more vegetables and consume less meat to lessen their carbon footprint for a greener planet.

Another initiative was participating in a pilot project that supports local regenerative farming. JCR supports the local agricultural community in adopting a regenerative and more sustainable farming practice that we strongly believe could benefit our health and the environment.

The pilot project involves partnering with a local Hong Kong farm to transform food waste into enzymes that act as organic fertilisers, nutrient enhancers, and natural pest repellents. This process helps produce quality vegetables free of pesticides and chemical fertilisers to create a circular economy. It not only helps reduce the pressure of landfills but also lower the risk of air and water pollution with fewer chemical applications.

Enhanced soil fertility can enhance the ability to convert and sequester soil carbon, which could eventually help address climate change. The vegetables are used in the lunch salad and seasonal menus at certain JCR restaurants, and there are plans to expand this to the core menus of different brands in the future for a more dynamic and sustainable restaurant menu.

It’s important to educate our teams and the community on sustainable practices. It’s also crucial that we take part in these practices to ensure we are fulfilling our societal duty and sustainable vision in all areas of JCR’s development. We hope to join hands with all sectors of the community to promote environmental protection and create a better future for the next generations.

Looking toward a sustainable future

When we talk about sustainability, not only do we offer food options that are good for both our bodies and the environment, but we are also putting a lot of effort into driving sustainability across our daily operations and staff engagement. Looking forward, we will keep our commitments to continuing its sustainable initiatives, including education for our teams, activities to get the community involved, and more. A sustainable future can only be achieved by our actions today. At JCR, we always want to put our best foot forward, stepping toward a sustainable future for all.

Visit JCR’s LinkedIn to learn more about JCR’s sustainability initiatives!

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