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Studio EB Carbon financing, be it through nature or technology-based solutions, will be key to near and long-term decarbonisation in Asia. With the region’s emissions trading systems seeing some progress, regulation is still crucial to momentum and expansion.
Oil palm estate in Sabah
A recent study found that the more transparent palm oil companies are in reporting their ESG performance, the less they are valued by investors. This is largely the result of a dated narrative that has shaped investor confidence in the sector, a former palm oil company sustainability chief has said.
Nitrogen fertilisers, manure and other agricultural sources drove almost three-quarters of human-caused nitrous oxide emissions in recent years.
Land cleared to make way for palm oil in Indonesia
Alleged environmental and human rights violations by Indonesia’s second-largest palm oil producer implicate multinationals including Unilever, Olam, BlackRock and Jardine Matheson. The allegations come amid Indonesia’s push for better governance over its palm oil industry, which is the world’s largest. AAL denies any wrongdoing.
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There is a case for relaxing Vietnam’s long-standing restrictions on the use of land meant for rice cultivation.
United Nations Under-Secretary-General and AI expert Tshilidzi Marwala writes for Context ahead of the Bonn AI and Climate Expert Meeting.
wheat field
Yields of the country’s second most important food staple have declined significantly in the past two years.
Salad bowl
The global food system is responsible for about 30 per cent of annual greenhouse gas emissions.
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Smoke from burning land in Indonesia
Studio EB Transboundary haze pollution is back with a vengeance in Southeast Asia. The Eco-Business Podcast talks to RSPO CEO Joseph D'Cruz about what the palm oil sector can do to put out the peatland fires that have burned annually for four decades.
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