Apakah Anda ingin beralih ke EdisiInternasional ?
Apakah Anda ingin beralih ke EdisiAsia Pasifik ?
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As climate change makes heatwaves more frequent and severe in South Asia, India’s heat action plans offer pathways for adaptation, but experts say they lack necessary focus on vulnerable populations.
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Weekly Top 5 Movers
300124 Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co., Ltd Class A 32.41%
603986 Giga Device Semiconductor Inc. Class A 17.43%
600170 Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd. Class A 14.26%
987 Guangzhou Yuexiu Capital Holdings Group Co., Ltd. 13.87%
9045 Keihan Holdings Co.,Ltd. 13.29%
Weekly Flop 5 Movers
19 Swire Pacific Limited Class A -8.00%
5238 AirAsia X Bhd. -5.32%
2314 Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited -4.77%
600021 Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. Class A -3.82%
7310 Ottogi Corp. -3.63%
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Coal power plants in Asia
The Monetary Authority of Singapore will launch a public consultation in the coming weeks on its proposal to include additional criteria for a managed coal phase-out in the Singapore-Asia taxonomy, says the central bank’s newly-appointed chief sustainability officer Gillian Tan.


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We are in a phase now where we have achieved high adoption of the SDGs, but we need to start putting more rigour into making sure that it means something when companies say they are aligned with the SDGs.


ChatGPT on smartphone and laptop display
A computer scientist explains the carbon footprint of ChatGPT and its cousins. Emissions from such tools could grow fast without renewable energy.

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Bangladesh floods 2019

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Managing Asia's climate risks

How are business leaders integrating climate risks into their decisions?
The Covid-19 pandemic hit them hard and nearly took away their livelihoods. But with new initiatives launched to champion traditional textile makers and sustainable fashion, the artisans of Iloilo, Philippines, are back at work on their looms. This International Women's Day, we spotlight their stories and how they have overcome their struggles.
Eco-Business Youth A-List 2022
The Eco-Business Youth A-List 2022 demonstrates that “sustainability is not just a big-city trend”, say judges. From Bali Island in Indonesia to a rustic geological park in the Philippines, young sustainability changemakers are trying to do impactful work outside of capital cities.
Eco-Business A-List 2022
In a year that war broke out in Europe, disrupting supply chains and energy prices, these individuals worked to keep climate action and social equality on the agenda.

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Ecosperity Week 2023 will bring together global business leaders, policy-makers, investors and civil society from across industries in addressing high-impact levers to bring about transformational climate action we need for …