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Farm in spain
With laws to regenerate biodiversity facing resistance, we must explain how nature can work for people
Peringkat S-Ray ESG (ASIA)
Weekly Top 5 Movers
2078 Shandong Sunpaper Co., Ltd. Class A 24.91%
7203 Toyota Motor Corp. 22.71%
5380 Hyundai Motor Company 19.89%
P8Z Bumitama Agri Ltd. 16.10%
P34 Delfi Limited 15.54%
Weekly Flop 5 Movers
N2IU Mapletree Pan Asia Commercial Trust -17.64%
2127 Comfort Gloves Bhd. -5.21%
135 KunLun Energy Co. Ltd. -4.36%
681 Visual China Group Co., Ltd. Class A -3.74%
2120 Yunda Holding Co., Ltd. Class A -2.34%
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Wind and solar are replacing coal power’s share in G20 countries, reaching a combined share of 13 per cent of electricity in 2022, up from 5 per cent in 2015, but the pace of transition is not fast enough, finds the report.


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We are in a phase now where we have achieved high adoption of the SDGs, but we need to start putting more rigour into making sure that it means something when companies say they are aligned with the SDGs.


As countries prepare to meet this month to work on the first global agreement to end plastic pollution, the perspectives of South Asia must be heard loud and clear.

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Sustainable finance in Asia: Taxonomies

Asia’s sustainable economy – set to reach US$5 trillion by 2030 – is a wealth of opportunity. But that value requires assurance by governments and financial markets that sustainability is more than a label. Taxonomies provide clarity.
Pandawa Agri_organic farming
Going 100 per cent organic is not easy for smallholder farmers in the region. Is there a middle road to take where a gradual shift can be managed, while ensuring that the livelihoods of farmers are taken care of?
Women sift sand, hunting for tiny plastic pellets and other debris still washing ashore since the sinking of the X-Press Pearl, a vessel containing chemicals and plastics, in May 2021 off the coast of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Six months after the sinking of the Singapore-flagged X-Press Pearl off the coast of Colombo, local communities are trying to recover from one of the worst maritime disasters in history.
22 ways lead image
Trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle is often fraught with controversy, contradiction and hypocrisy, and tackling big problems like climate change and social inequality can seem futile. But there are some things you can do to make a difference in the Year of the Tiger. Here are 22 of them...