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Di sini kami bercerita tentang tema-tema spesifik dalam isu keberlanjutan, seperti kepemimpinan, inovasi, perkotaan, teknologi bersih, dan bisnis ramah lingkungan.

In this section, we cover who's moving where in the sustainability sector and provide insights into the skills needed to excel in this fast-changing discipline.

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The Eco-Business A-List

This content series is dedicated to examining what makes an outstanding sustainability professional, and the challenges they face doing their jobs. 

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Starting on International Women's Day 2022, this Eco-Business series examines the issues that affect the lives of just under half of the world's population, from inequality and discrimination to empowerment …

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Social innovation in the new normal

The best and brightest students in Asia gather yearly to discuss regional and global issues with influential government officials, prominent business leaders, academics, and NGO representatives through the Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative …

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Enhancing ESG with technology

Technology can make the process of ESG data collection and reporting much easier and a lot less daunting for companies as the world makes its journey to net-zero by 2050.

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The invisible waste-pickers of Southeast Asia

This series documents the lives of people working in Southeast Asia's informal waste sector.

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Making financing fair and just

Civil society, financial institutions and governments need to work together to ensure a green and inclusive economy.

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Eco-Business explains

A series focused on explaining a wide range of sustainability issues in an accessible way.

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Transforming waste to resources

Pollution is a huge global problem – how can we minimise waste and turn it into valuable resources instead?

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The future of food

Delicious beef hurts the environment, but alternative proteins are here to help. What are the newest innovations in sustainable food, and how can firms get customers hooked?

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Biodiversity conservation in the palm oil industry

Traditional agri-cultural producers are making greater efforts in conservation and sustainability.

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Year in review 2022

From the scariest bouts of extreme weather and craziest cases of greenwashing, to the catchiest buzzwords and rare sustainability wins, Eco-Business looks back at the top stories from a year in …

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