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As temperatures soar in Bangladesh’s crowded capital, accessing cooler spots like parks is getting harder.
A steel manufacturing plants in Indonesia
With carbon border taxes making life harder for carbon-intensive industries, Gunung Raja Paksi feared it could not export its products to the West if it did not slash emissions. The firm's top executives Kimin Tanoto and Kelvin Fu tell Eco-Business about how a firm in the hardest-to-abate sector is reducing its carbon footprint.
Studio EB Tokyo-headquartered Azbil Corporation, which works with its customers to deploy its measurement and control technology to cut energy usage, is a strong believer that emissions reduction targets need to be validated.
A building in Chinatown, Singapore
The built environment represents 37 per cent of global man-made emissions, and yet a study of 50 of the world's largest buildings companies found that most have no climate action plan.
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The areas most prone to sinking are megacities that house almost 20 per cent of the global urban population, and these areas are also the most heavily impacted by sea-level rise.
It can provide a wider choice of green products such as energy saving appliances, e-vehicles, and sustainable building materials. Government departments can be mandated to purchase such products, and the aggregation of demand can nudge manufacturers to reduce the carbon footprint of their products and seek green certification.
Nirmala Sitharaman
Rising heat and more frequent floods will require spending on a range of resilience-building measures for people’s health and livelihoods, as well as infrastructure for water, power, communication, bridges, roads, and railways.
the fairywren
Creating better connections between humans and nature is the first step to bringing back animals into our cities.
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Journey to net-zero Keppel video
Studio EB Our urban infrastructure is responsible for almost 40 per cent of global carbon emissions. Climate solutions need to include the biggest energy guzzlers, clean energy and retrofitting old buildings.
tlc judges
After two months of searching for sustainability solutions and a showdown between six finalists, the finale of The Liveability Challenge 2018 culminated in a proposal for biodegradable straws winning nearly a million dollars.
Paula Miquelis gitnb tcf 2018
Welcoming 3,800 people this year, the carbon neutral, zero waste festival has grown six-fold since its first edition in 2015.
Air conditioner compressors occupy almost all the open space available on the wall of a building in Boat Quay, Singapore
No hot air here: Researchers from the National University of Singapore produce the first prototype of a new, environmentally friendly air conditioner in what could be a “quantum leap” in the 100-year old technology.
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hotels podcast
Can the hotels sector, traditionally resource-intensive and wasteful, reinvent itself and go green? Eco-Business asks two hospitality executives about balancing post-Covid recovery, and if luxury can be made compatible with sustainability.
Keppel Bay Tower in Singapore
Studio EB The built environment's sprawling carbon footprint can be reined in by giving old buildings a 'climate makeover' as cities grow. The Eco-Business Podcast talks to Vinod Jethani about the benefits and challenges of retrofitting old buildings.
Biophobia in the city podcast with Dr Denise Dillon.
Eco-Business talks to environmental psychologist Dr Denise Dillon about Singapore's uncomfortable relationship with nature, whether loving nature is essential for conservation, and why climate anxiety might actually be a good thing.
capitaland podcast feature image
Eksklusif Following the launch of the CapitaLand Sustainability X Challenge, Eco-Business speaks to the Group's chief sustainability officer Lynette Leong on why sustainability innovation is defining the next phase of growth for the real estate giant.
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