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Oil palm estate in Sabah
A new bill aims to update Sabah's labour law and align Malaysia with international standards. It introduces provisions on child labour and improved protections. However, activists stress that educating workers on their rights is crucial.
Studio EB Carbon financing, be it through nature or technology-based solutions, will be key to near and long-term decarbonisation in Asia. With the region’s emissions trading systems seeing some progress, regulation is still crucial to momentum and expansion.
Asia flood
Studio EB Investors in Asia are positioning themselves for a climate-resilient net zero economy, but not at the necessary pace, finds a recent report. Most fail to act effectively to manage climate risks and opportunities in line with global climate goals.
Oil palm estate in Sabah
A recent study found that the more transparent palm oil companies are in reporting their ESG performance, the less they are valued by investors. This is largely the result of a dated narrative that has shaped investor confidence in the sector, a former palm oil company sustainability manager has said.
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SDGs Showcased on Billboards in Times Square, New York City
There are growing calls for more corporate disclosure, but if firms release sustainability reports just to meet the needs of external stakeholders, including regulators, it is unlikely to motivate internal changes to business operations.
Salad bowl
The global food system is responsible for about 30 per cent of annual greenhouse gas emissions.
An advertisement for the proposed Narrabri gas project in New South Wales
Fossil fuel firms are among the biggest spenders on Google ads that are designed to resemble search results.
Victoria Peak_Hong Kong
The number of ESG disclosures does not always determine quality. There should also be greater scrutiny of how companies pick topics "material" to them.
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EB NVPC Corporate Purpose Video
Studio EB Amid fresh debates about what corporate purpose should be, there is mounting evidence that corporate purpose leads to stronger brand reputation, better talent attraction and more resilience, leading to improved financial performance.
BCG video Eco-Business
Studio EB Asia's green transition pathways need to be socially inclusive given huge differences in economic development across the region, says experts at the Boston Consulting Group. State-owned enterprises have an "outsized" role to play, they add.
Women in STEM
Women play a key role in developing innovations to push for sustainability, but barriers remain to their entry into STEM careers. To celebrate International Day of Women & Girls in Science, EB Impact speaks to three women in science on making an impact and pursuing careers in STEM.
Simon Lord and Pamela Mar on Sustainability One on One
In the first in a new video series where sustainability leaders interview each other about the toughest things about their jobs, Simon Lord of Malaysian palm oil giant Sime Darby Plantation went head to head with Pamela Mar of Hong Kong-based textile and apparel giant Fung Group.
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Pretending to be an ESG guru while actually knowing little or nothing about environmental or social issues is known as competency greenwash
Former Monetary Authority of Singapore sustainability chief Darian McBain and recruiter Paddy Balfour tell the Eco-Business podcast why people are exaggerating their ESG expertise and why that's a problem in a key region for sustainable development.
Gojek vehicle in Indonesia
GoTo sustainability head Tanah Sullivan tells the Eco-Business Podcast that regulating net-zero claims would decarbonise Southeast Asia faster. Indonesia's biggest internet firm aims to cut emissions to zero by 2030 — a target critics say is unrealistic.
Greenwashing has become a growing problem
Greenwashing has become a big problem for consumers, investors and regulators as brands spend millions on marketing their sustainability credentials. Eco-Business asked expert communicators Janissa Ng and James Lorenz why greenwashing is so dangerous, and what can be done to stop spin in sustainability communications.
Paper sustainable packaging by RyPax
Studio EB As a landmark treaty is thrashed out to tackle plastic pollution, the Eco-Business Podcast debates whether the world is ready to pay a premium for packaging that doesn't damage the planet.
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