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Destroying Unused Clothes Fast Fashion
One truckload of perfectly wearable textiles is dumped in landfills or incinerated every second. Why? And what is being done to challenge the fashion trade's wasteful business model?
Indonesia and Malaysia will send top officials to Brussels to voice concerns over a new regulation that bans the trading of commodities associated with deforestation, including palm oil.
A Shell petrol station undergoing renovation in Singapore.
Climate calamity will cost US$99 trillion in loss and damage by 2100, and the fossil fuel industry is responsible for 70 per cent of that wreckage – so should pay US$23.2 trillion in reparations through to 2050, a groundbreaking new study calculates.
Taxes are not paid on some 9 million hectares (22.2 million acres), an area three times the size of Belgium, an Indonesian government audit finds.
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Farm in spain
With laws to regenerate biodiversity facing resistance, we must explain how nature can work for people
As countries prepare to meet this month to work on the first global agreement to end plastic pollution, the perspectives of South Asia must be heard loud and clear.
Boundary Dam Power Station carbon capture facility 2
Wording of the report's summary reflects the presence of political wrangling – net-zero terminology was prioritised over a mention that there is a need to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Feasible solutions were downplayed. This could lead less-informed policymakers to conclude that we can 'just magically plant trees and carry on as usual'.
A record number of journalists were jailed this year, according to data from the Committee for the Protection of Journalists.
Autocrats know that controlling the media is the first step in controlling the population. It’s why journalists are increasingly in the firing line.
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father shows light to son
Diamonds aren't just for engagement rings and cutting tools—they can bring light to dark places.
Greenpeace ad used by Iceland in the United Kingdom has been banned for being political.
The ad, which was made by Greenpeace and rebadged by Iceland, was blocked from airing on television by the UK's ad watchdog because it broke rules on political advertising. Iceland says it is not anti-palm oil, 'we are anti-deforestation.'
screen capture our home DONG energy
DONG Energy’s shift to 100 per cent renewable energy marks another important step in the global transition away from fossil fuels.
Ban capture
Together it stands, divided it falls. EU, through its environment ministers, had agreed to ratify the Paris Agreement through a process that would enable individual countries to send their instruments of ratification directly to the UN.
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Circular economy
Studio EB Clarissa Morawski from non-profit Reloop tells the Eco-Business podcast why the circular economy is key to the post-Covid recovery.
Can electronic dance music drive climate action?
When sweaty revellers are cutting shapes on the dance floor, can they be inspired to think about climate change? Dilo and Robin Perkins from DJs For Climate Action tell the Eco-Business Podcast how dance music can drive climate action.
Layman albatross
Studio EB Eco-Business talks to 'Aulani Wilhelm of Conservation International about why a plan to protect the ocean is critical, and why it might just work.
Eco-Business Podcast with Assaad Razzouk
Eco-Business talks to 'angry clean energy guy' Assaad Razzouk about the flaws in much-hyped climate change solutions, and how to fix them.
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