Key Issues in Global Events: Using ISO 20121 to Build Reputation

The objective of the one hour complimentary webinar (45-min presentation / 15-min Q&A) is to provide an overview of the benefits that organizations are realizing from implementing sustainability events management systems. It is now over one year since the ISO 20121 standard was launched which was designed to create sustainable events. We take this point to review how organizations have implemented ISO 20121 to create truly sustainable events with a real legacy.

We view how the London 2012 Olympics paved the way for other organizations across the events sector to become more sustainable in their environment, social and economic performance. The London 2012 Olympics can act as a role model for all future large scale events by embracing ISO 20121. We look at how ISO 20121 can provide structure to those inspirational sustainable events. We also look at key issues that organizations are having in staging high profile global events, especially as we move towards Qatar 2020.

The launch of the ISO 20121 standard was a landmark in sustainability and has focused the events industry on their impacts as well as providing the ingredients to develop a driver for economic success. The events industry has a significant positive role to play in society and yet events carry their own consequences too. Many countries and tourism bureaus are realizing this to their advantage whilst positioning their industries to promote their credentials to the overseas visitors. Thailand is a particular exemplar that we will highlight.

The arrival of ISO 20121 provided a guide to support organizations to minimize their impact – and can be used by any organization – from large stadia, sports events organizers, conference organizers in business, the MICE sector, or promotions industry – any organization that hosts events or runs events or part of the events value chain.

This webinar will outline the standard and provide a view on where sustainable events are going and can go from here. This webinar will help event organizers plan how they are going to achieve their sustainability goals and win loyalty from their stakeholders by creating truly sustainable events.


On the webinar your presenter will discuss further information about:

Target Audience

This complimentary webinar is aimed at anyone who works in the events organization field and wants their organization to stand out as making positive progress on sustainability, particularly the following

  • Event Organizers
  • Companies that Organize Events
  • Companies in the Events Sector Value Chain and Supplying to Events
  • Corporate Communications / Internal Communications Professionals with Responsibility for Organizing Internal Conferences
  • Marketing Professionals Organizing Product Launches
  • Exhibition Organizers
  • Sports Organizations
  • Event Venue Owners
  • Event Commissioning / Purchasing Professionals
  • Local Authorities with Functions that Run Events
  • Businesses involved in building and fitting out hospitality and events locations e.g. stadium or exhibition venue construction companies

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