8th Global Dairy Innovation Congress Asia 2024

8th Global Dairy Innovation Congress Asia 2024

What is 8th GDIC Asia 2024?

It is my pleasure to welcome you to attend the 8th Global Dairy Innovation Congress Asia 2024 event, which will be held on October 21st-22nd in Singapore.

The global dairy market size was valued at US$944.7 billion in 2023 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.95 per cent during the forecast period, reaching US$1,459.3 billion by 2032.

8th Global Dairy Innovation Congress Asia 2024 covering 10+ countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, India etc, is the only event platform for local and international dairy stakeholders to grasp Asia countries’ market opportunities and trends, dairy product demands and preference, channel and trade strategies, novel farming & processing technologies together with innovative dairy products showcase to enhance business growth in Asia.

Why you can’t miss

  • More than 40,000+ dairy industry peers touch worldwide
  • No.1 and Largest Dairy Platform in Asia
  • Asia’s most comprehensive platform across the entire dairy industry value chain
  • Cover 10+ countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, China, India etc.
  • 7 years accumulation of farmers, dairy processors, equipment vendors and wide popularity in Asia
  • 30+ excellent speakers from industry stakeholders such as government, regulatory authority, dairy processors, food & beverage manufacturers, farm cooperatives, associations etc.
  • Gathering 300+ attendees especially 150+ processors + dairy farmers focusing on 10+ countries to discuss the latest Asia dairy market trends and business cooperation
  • 6 keen sessions, wide topic coverage, key issues focused

8th GDIC Asia 2024 hot issues

  • Navigating the Tides of Change: The Future of Dairy in Global and Asian Markets
  • Unveiling Vietnam’s Dairy Innovations and Market Challenges
  • Balancing Tradition and Modern Demands in Indonesia’s Dairy Sector
  • Navigating Economic and Regulatory Pathways for Thailand’s Dairy Advancement
  • Charting a Sustainable Future: Asia’s Role in Global Dairy Market
  • Will Asia Feed Itself in Terms of Dairy Products
  • Unleash Local Flavors in Dairy Products to Maximize Market Potential
  • Functional Dairy Products: Transforming into Everyday Health Boosters
  • Plant-based Dairy Alternatives Tackle Lactose Intolerance - Making Everyone Enjoy Dairy
  • Empower Product and Supply Chain with Packaging Innovations
  • Embracing a Shift in Health Perspectives to Drive Product Innovation
  • Seize the Direction, Lead Innovation, and Forge the Future of Products
  • Empowering Markets: Unveiling the Consumer-Led Revolution
  • Exploring the Growth Potential and Investment Opportunities in the Dairy Market
  • E-commerce Revolution: Redefining Dairy Retail in the Digital Era
  • Leveraging Insights from Market Research for Marketing Innovation
  • “One welfare” Notion: Animal Welfare and Farmer Well being
  • Enhancing Animal Nutrition for Higher Milk Yield
  • Precision Agriculture Technologies, are Optimizing Feed Management and Animal Health Monitoring
  • Managing Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle
  • Genetic Engineering is Shaping the Future of Dairy Cattle
  • Digitalization of Farm Management: Revolutionizing Dairy Farm Operations
  • Carbon Reduction Strategies in Dairy Farming
  • Influential Challenges Impacting Dairy Milk Production
  • Cell-Based Fermentation Technology and the Dairy Industry
  • Innovative Opportunities for Membrane Applications in the Dairy Industry
  • AI and Machine Learning: Transforming Smart Manufacturing in Dairy Production
  • Sustainable Development and Innovative Wastewater Treatment Technologies
  • Current Technologies and Advances in Dairy Processing Environmental Monitoring
  • Cold Chain Warehousing to Ensuring Quality
  • Microbiological Quality Testing: Safeguarding Dairy Product Integrity
  • Smart Traceability for a Transparent and Efficient Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Integration in the Dairy Industry
  • The Integration of Robotic Systems for Milking and Feeding
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Feed Availability and Quality is Prompting Farms
  • Regenerative Agriculture Practices are Gaining Traction to Restore Soil Health
  • Advanced Pasteurization Techniques to Extend Shelf Life While Preserving the Nutritional and Sensory Qualities
  • Innovations in Cleaning Technologies for Dairy Facilities
  • Advancing Low-Carbon Supply Chains in the Dairy Industry

Who should attend

By job title

President/CEO/Managing Director

Regulatory Affair VP/Director/Manager

Supply Chain VP/Director/Manager

Marketing and Sales VP/Director/Manager

R&D/Laboratory /Technical Director /Manager

Milk Source VP/Director/Manager

Logistic and Packaging VP/Director/Manager

BD and Commercial VP/Director/Manager

Production and Quality VP/Director/Manager

Purchasing VP/Director/Manager

Product /Brand Manager

Import and Export Manager


By industry

Government /Regulator

Association / NGO

Dairy Processors & Trader/Food&Beverage Manufacturer

Farm Cooperative

Packaging Supplier/Dairy Processing Equipment Manufacturer/Ingredient Provider

Quality Control/Supply Chain Equipment Provider

Farm Management/Animal Health/Animal Breeding/Animal Nutrition Provider etc



Contact us

Bella Fu

Sales Manager | SZ&W Group

Mob: +86 132 6252 6385

Tel: +86 (0)21 5830 0710– ext.8012

Email: bellaf@szwgroup.com

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Bella FU
[javascript protected email address]

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