3rd Smart Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Southeast Asia 2024

3rd Smart Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Southeast Asia 2024

What is SSCL SEA 2024?

As we look ahead to 2024, the rapidly evolving landscape of Asia’s supply chains presents both significant challenges and dynamic opportunities. SSCL SEA 2024 is set to be a pivotal platform for navigating these complexities, with a sharp focus on the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT, and blockchain across the supply chain ecosystem.

This year’s conference will highlight critical innovations and sustainable practices that are reshaping logistics and supply management in Asia. Through expert-led sessions and strategic networking opportunities, attendees will gain insights into leveraging digital transformation to enhance operational efficiencies and environmental sustainability.

Join us at SSCL SEA 2024 to connect with industry leaders and pioneers, and to advance your strategies in this transformative era.

2024 SSCL ASIA hot issues

Next-Gen Digital and Sustainable Supply Chain

  • Next-Gen Digital and Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Reshaping Supply Chains in Asia 2024: Navigating Risks and Opportunities
  • Make Way for the Future in Digital Transformation
  • Building Resilient and Future-Proof Supply Chains
  • From Source to Destination and Back: Enhancing Sustainability in Supply Chains
  • Supply Chain Sustainability and Decarbonization in Asia
  • Sustainable Logistics: Best Practices and Benefits
  • Accelerating Supply Chain Performance: Mastering Velocity Through Optimized Planning
  • Enhancing Profitability in Supply Chains: Strategies for Optimization and Growth
  • Counter Disruptions Across Supply Chain: From Procurement To Logistics
  • Advancing Digital Procurement

TRACK 1 The AI Revolution

  • The AI Revolution in Supply Chains
  • Generative AI in Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain AI Use Cases
  • AI-Driven Logistics

TRACK 2 Smart Manufacturing Supply Chain

  • Integrating Smart Technologies in Manufacturing
  • Intelligent Optimization of the Entire Supply Chain, Lean Production, Reliable Delivery
  • Next-Gen Manufacturing Execution Systems

TRACK 3 Smart Intralogistics & Warehousing

  • Sustainable Intralogistics: Green Practices and Energy Efficiency
  • Smart Warehousing: IoT and Robotics in Action
  • E-Commerce in Asia and Warehousing Insights
  • Innovations in Warehousing and Delivery

TRACK 4 Retail Supply Chain & Logistcs

  • Retail Supply Chain Visibility
  • From S&OP to IBP: Enhance Retail Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Revolutionizing Retail Logistics
  • Cold Chain Digitalisation

Who should attend?

CXO, Director, VP, Head, GM, Manager, Specialist of

Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Planning

Sourcing and Procurement

Logistics and Distribution

Manufacturing and Production




Transportation and Last Mile

Sales Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP)

Trade Compliance

Logistics Analyst

Data Analysis and Intelligence

Digital Innovation

Automation and Robotics


Industry: Manufacture

Electric and Manufacturing


Energy & Utilities

Container Glass

Metal Packaging

Engineering & EPC



Auto Parts


Construction Materials

Natural Resources

Oil and Gas

Industry: Retailers/Brander

New Retail Company

Online Retail Company (Including E-Commerce)


Drug Distribution


Medical Equipment

Apparel and Fashion

FMCG and Cosmetics

Food and Beverages


Home Furniture and Appliances



Cigarettes and Tobacco

Hospitality and Traveling

Real Estate

Maternal and Child


Office Product

Outdoor Recreation

Restaurant & Bar

Contact us

Steven Song

Strategic Partnership&Sponsorship

Tel: +86 15900847496

Tel: +86 21 5830 0710

Email: rjs@szwgroup.com


About us

Established in 2008, SZ&W Group became a leading business intelligence and event-integrated services provider in Asia. SZ&W Group stretches its businesses beyond China and Asia across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and South America. The company’s headquarters are based in Shanghai and Los Angeles.

SSCL is an independent brand of SZ&W Group. Through our in-depth market research, diversified high-level events and huge customer database, we are aiming to connect China’s global supply chain and logistics practitioners and innovators to create the biggest supply chain and logistics innovator community in Asia. SSCL helps decision makers across industries to keep pace with the ever-changing industry trends and lead industry developments with expos, conferences, trainings, workshops, salons, 1-on-1 Meetings, awards, reports, news, etc.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Steven SONG
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