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Factory farming in Asia

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Factory farming in Asia

Investors in Asia view animal protein consumption as an indicator of rising middle-class incomes across the region. Asian meat, egg, fish and dairy industries face a range of poorly managed …
Nature-based solutions in carbon offsetting
After a decade-long slumber, carbon offsetting is once again entering the mainstream. Driven by net-zero pledges from corporates, government commitments, and consumer demand, green projects that remove or avoid the …
The business case for natural climate solutions: Insights and opportunities for Southeast Asia
Nature already mitigates a significant portion of man-made GHG emissions; approximately a quarter of these emissions are absorbed by trees, plants, and soil, while another quarter is absorbed into marine …
The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2019
Measuring Sustainable Competitiveness: The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index (GSCI) is based on quantitative indicators grouped in 5 pillars that define the competitiveness of a nation: natural capital, resource intensity, social …
Power Trip: Southeast Asia's journey to a low carbon economy
A new ground-breaking study launched by Eco-Business puts a spotlight on Southeast Asia's transition to the low carbon economy and identifies the top challenges for the region as insufficient regulation …
State of the World's Birds 2018—taking the pulse of the planet
With the tagline "Taking the Pulse of the Planet", State of the World's Birds is a major global assessment that uses bird species to measure the health of our ecosystems …
Tackling Asia’s plastic problem
How to tackle Asia's plastic problem? Ban, tax, recycle or redesign? What can Asia do to fight one of the toughest environmental challenges of our time?
Flood Controls in Southeast Asia
As the nations of Southeast Asia underwent rapid economic and population growth from the latter part of the last century, they also experienced rapid change to their traditional ways of …
Powering Asean's Growth: Trends that will impact the way Asean uses power to 2020
The Asean countries are at very different stages of economic growth. Members include a fully developed city state with nearly full national electricity coverage as well as several agrarian economies …
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