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Future Business: The four mega-trends that every company needs to prepare for

Company reputations could collapse in minutes and more firms will develop an explicit ‘social purpose’ that’s according to a new study into the mega-trends that businesses will face in the future.

The future has always been hard to predict as our world is constantly changing. Population growth, new digital platforms, shifting global power and declining trust in corporations… But what can business do to prepare for emerging issues? Corporate Citizenship have released their latest research where they have identified the four mega-trends that every company needs to prepare for: CRUNCH; FRAGMENT; CONNECT; and REBALANCE. Based on facts, figures and real life case studies, Corporate Citizenship have mapped out the trends and developed a suite of tools for forward thinking organisations to help plan, prepare and thrive, whatever the future holds.

This publication is available to view and download from our website here.

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