Cathay to plant 1,000 mangrove trees on Pramuka Island to promote sustainability commitment

Cathay to plant 1,000 mangrove trees on Pramuka Island to promote sustainability commitment

Upholding the target of reducing emissions to preserve our planet is the responsibility of all parties. Cathay, as a Travel Lifestyle company, collaborated with the Society of Renewable Energy (SRE) to plant 1,000 mangrove trees on Pramuka Island, Thousand Islands on Friday, May 3, 2024.

Pramuka Island is one of the islands affected by climate change. With a population of around 1,200 people this year, the island requires mangroves to combat erosion. It has been proven that mangroves serve as saviours for this island from land subsidence and erosion.

A total of 70 volunteers from Cathay, travel agents, SRE volunteers, and the local community of Pramuka Island participated in the tree-planting activity. This initiative, known as “1 Ticket, 1 Tree,” has been ongoing for the past two years by Cathay, resulting in the planting of 4,600 mangrove trees.

Tony Sham, the Country Manager for Cathay in Indonesia, stated, “1 Ticket, 1 Tree reflects Cathay’s commitment to supporting local communities, restoring habitats, and promoting climate resilience. This aligns with our aspiration to lead in sustainability.”

To achieve the target more swiftly, Tony emphasised the effectiveness of collaborative actions with communities in expanding and prolonging the positive impact. He conveyed this during the opening ceremony held with the local community in the auditorium of Pramuka Island.

The “1 Ticket, 1 Tree” initiative is a collective action by Cathay spread across Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia during specific campaign periods. In 2024, the planting target is 7,500 trees across Southeast Asia, with 1,000 trees planted on Pramuka Island, Indonesia.

This year also marks a significant milestone in the journey of the “1 Ticket, 1 Tree” initiative, with Cathay planting a total of 30,000 mangrove trees in Southeast Asia since 2021.

Zagy Yakana Berian, the founder of a youth movement spanning 47 campuses, stated, “Climate change requires collective action from the younger generation. Planting mangroves on Pramuka Island serves as an example of climate change adaptation and mitigation in one breath. The Society of Renewable Energy (SRE) is committed to planting 200 mangroves out of the total 1,000 planted to inspire the youth and the local community.”

In his address, Zagy emphasised the importance of the community and the younger generation working together as the vanguard in preserving the earth. Cross-institutional support and collaboration are crucial for Indonesia. Therefore, community leaders play a vital role in mobilising the entire local community in this climate struggle.

“We, the residents of Pramuka Island, indeed need mangrove tree planting to protect the coastline. Cathay’s ‘1 Ticket, 1 Tree’ initiative is a concrete action that we must support and maintain. We will continue to coordinate with Cathay and SRE to monitor the growth of these mangroves,” said Mahariah, a local community leader.

The “1 Ticket, 1 Tree” initiative will be launched again this year. Through this initiative, Cathay invites its customers to contribute to mangrove forests when flying with Cathay, simply by booking a ticket. For more information, please follow Cathay Pacific’s Facebook Page or visit our website (Bahasa Inggris or Bahasa Indonesia).

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