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Scientists say deforestation is compounding the effects of climate change, threatening to turn parts of the forest into savannah.
One of the most dangerous countries for environmental defenders, the Philippines is seeing a concerning fall in interest for forestry training.
An independent smallholder farmer in Indonesia
Greenbury, who argues for a radical overhaul of the role smallholders play in the palm oil growth story, says smallholder compliance with the EU deforestation law can be achieved, with greater financial support.
The Nature Positive Initiative wants to hold businesses to account for their impacts, but can biodiversity be measured?
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Nature as infrastructure

Viewing nature as infrastructure is transformative, because it forces us to think in a more systemic way. As we pursue growth and development, we must not only avoid damaging nature; we must also strengthen and enrich it through “nature-positive” investments – all while tapping its vast potential to deliver essential services.
The most important issue for India is to grow sustainably while adhering to its international climate commitments and keeping its energy constraints in mind.
From natural seawalls to mangroves, countries are starting to combat climate change with nature-based solutions. COP28 might drive more of these efforts.
When given the chance, women are responsible stewards who use their extensive knowledge and skills to protect and restore the land in their possession.
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