5 construction sites in Singapore to replace diesel generators for Ampd Energy’s battery

5 construction sites in Singapore to replace diesel generators for Ampd Energy's battery
  • Ampd’s Enertainer energy storage system lowers carbon emissions by 85 per cent, noise by nearly 32 times
  • Falling prices of lithium-ion battery, technology advances make Enertainer affordable
  • Far East Organization and Woh Hup are first to deploy Enertainer at One Holland Village site

Hong Kong start-up Ampd Energy said five construction sites in Singapore will be replacing diesel-powered generators with its advanced, lithium-ion battery as developers and contractors in the Republic seek to dramatically cut noise and pollution from building activities.

One Holland Village, a mixed-use development by Far East Organization, comprising private and serviced residences, offices and retail spaces, currently under construction by Woh Hup, was the first site to deploy Ampd’s Enertainer on 4th October 2021.

The other four sites will be The M condominium at Middle Road and Phase 2 intensification works at BCA Academy constructed by Dragages Singapore, followed by Irwell Hill Residences by Woh Hup and Central Boulevard Towers by Hexacon Construction.

The compact, internet-connected Enertainer energy storage system is specially designed to power construction equipment.

Currently, most construction companies use diesel generators to drive heavy equipment such as tower cranes, hoists and welders. However, diesel generators must run continuously and consume enormous amounts of fuel, resulting in pollution and noise that are harmful to the health and safety of construction workers and people living and working near worksites.

The Enertainer addresses these issues by reducing carbon emissions by up to 85 per cent. It is nearly 32 times quieter than a diesel generator which means urban construction projects can continue running during noise-sensitive hours. It also eliminates air pollutants equivalent to removing 200 to 400 cars from the road and minimises fire hazards from diesel generators.

Ampd Energy said its mission is to make the global construction industry emission-free and the falling price of lithium-ion batteries have made it possible. Singapore is its second market after Hong Kong.

Co-founder and CEO Mr Brandon Ng said: “Urbanisation has led to a growing demand for large-scale building projects which have a very negative impact on our environment. We heard the urgent pleas of some contractors and have designed our battery solution for a cleaner, quieter, more efficient and safer energy supply at worksites.

“Singapore is taking concrete and laudable steps to decarbonise transport by actively promoting electric vehicles. We believe it should do the same for construction which lags behind Europe and some regional countries. The old-generation diesel generators at worksites may be less expensive at the start but the toll on the physical and mental health of workers and residents is incalculable.”

Augustine Tan, Executive Director of Property Services Division, Far East Organization, said: “Using Ampd’s Enertainer in the construction process thus far at our One Holland Village site has helped to reduce noise, carbon and other pollutants, and has also helped to better preserve air quality in the area. As always, we aim to ensure that the construction of our developments remains sensitive to the needs of the surrounding community, especially in residential areas such as Holland Village. We have been very impressed with the performance of the Entertainer so far and would be delighted to have the opportunity to use it in future sites.”

Woh Hup’s Executive Director Mr Yong Derong said: “We are constantly exploring innovative products that would aid us in our sustainability journey. We are excited to be the first to partner with Ampd Energy to deploy the Enertainer at one of our project sites and we look forward to the positive changes that it would bring.”

Designed to be a smart and fully automated system, the plug-and-play Enertainer does not require active manpower to manage or refuel the system. It is remotely monitored for any issues, so less maintenance is required, making it cheaper and easier to operate. The system can also be used to collect comprehensive data on site productivity and equipment consumption patterns.

Ampd Energy said its Enertainer, while costing more than diesel generators in the short-term, will lead to long-term savings given significantly lower running costs. The container-shaped energy storage system can be rented or bought outright.

The company is confident that with prices of lithium-ion batteries on the downtrend and more stringent rules ahead for carbon emissions, property and construction firms will embrace electrification sooner rather than later.

Ampd Energy was founded in 2014 by Mr Ng, a Bruneian who graduated as a chemical engineer from Imperial College, London, and previously worked at Barclays Capital in London, and Luca Valente, who led the technical support engineering team at Harbin Embraer Aircraft Industry, the joint venture between Brazilian-based aerospace manufacturer Embraer and Aviation Industry Corporation of China.

Ampd Energy plans to expand its business into Australia and Europe in 2022. For more on Ampd Energy, please visit: www.ampd.energy

About Ampd Energy:

Ampd Energy is a construction technology start-up company based in Hong Kong that is driven by its vision for an emission-free future for construction. Ampd Energy pioneered the use of battery energy storage systems (BESS) in urban construction with its flagship product, the “Enertainer”. The Enertainer electrifies construction sites and provides clean, quiet, and fully automated energy delivery, allowing construction to transition away from fossil fuels. The Enertainer is used across multiple construction projects in Hong Kong by the largest developers and contractors and has proven itself to be successful in reducing construction emissions while providing high levels of reliability and reducing costs.

For more information, please visit: www.ampd.energy

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